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As the banking & finance market has become increasingly complex, more people are turning to Finance Brokers such as Stanley Finance. With banks increasingly tightening their lending policies, Stanley Finance are here to help you navigate through your options.


Stanley Finance can save you time

Deciding which loan is right for you takes significant research, time and legwork. Don’t waste time trying to compare all the different lenders and products – we’ll do that for you. Stanley Finance will manage your entire loan process from application to settlement. We will liaise with your professional advisers (e.g. Real Estate agent, accountant, solicitor, financial planner) and take the hard work out of your loan application process. Stanley Finance is the single point of contact for you throughout your loan process. You have better things to do with your time, leave the loan to us.


Stanley Finance gives you choice

Stanley Finance are not aligned with any bank or lender – we work for you, not the bank. We have access to a wide range of lenders from which we help you select the right loan package for your situation.


Stanley Finance will find the right loan for you

Stanley Finance will examine your current circumstances (and future plans) to recommend a loan package that is right for you. The best deal is not necessarily the cheapest rate. We will help you to understand the deals available, explaining the features and details that affect your interest and repayments.


Stanley Finance can help you avoid pitfalls

Do you know which lenders will add-back Depreciation and Interest Charges to improve the servicing position for Self-Employed applicants? Do you know which lenders will accept 100% of your income if you are Casually employed? What about the lenders who will accept Maternity Leave payments? If you apply for a loan with the wrong lender you may have your application declined due to the lender's policy restrictions. That's where Stanley Finance come in - we know the best lenders for each situation. Talk to us today so we can suggest the best lenders for your situation.


Stanley Finance are Finance Specialists

Bertie Stanley has significant experience in Banking & Finance, including Commercial, Agribusiness, Small Business, Equipment Finance and Residential Lending (with one of the major banks). He knows how the banks work and uses this knowledge to your advantage. Consistently nominated as a Finalist in state and national Finance Broking Industry Awards, Bertie's expertise is first-class.


Stanley Finance offer an Australia-wide service

Are you out in the bush? Interstate? Overseas? We can help anyone who requires finance in Australia. Our current client base stretches throughout Central-West NSW to Sydney and Newcastle and interstate to Victoria, South Australia and Queensland. Don't let geography hold you back - technology allows us to work remotely so give us a call today.


Your Information is kept private and confidential

Stanley Finance are committed to confidentiality and conduct our business with discretion. See our Privacy Policy for more details.


Contact us today to find out how we can save you time and money.

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