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Case Studies


These are examples of the benefit of using our services – whether sourcing additional finance or reviewing your existing finances, Stanley Finance are here to save you time and money.





We Saved our Client $39,000 in year 1

Our client was seeking development finance of $1,050,000. After tendering their business to a selection of banks, we were able to save our clients $18,000 in establishment costs and $21,000 per year ongoing. The successful bank not only had cheaper rates and fees, but also more favourable loan covenants, which were less onerous on our client.



Quality, individual advice saves our client over $25,000 per year 

A client buying another commercial property was receiving poor service from their current bank, so their solicitor recommended them to us.  Their preference was to stay with their bank and have us take over the advice on (and management of) their finances.  We negotiated a better offer from the bank on the new commercial property purchase, saving the clients over $3,000 per year (on a $400,000 loan).  We also advised the clients to restructure their security position to reduce cross-collateralisation (resulting in a simpler structure, more beneficial for the clients) and negotiated this with their bank.  At the same time we saved the clients 2.2% on their Overdraft facility (saving $11,000 per year if fully utilised).  We are about to tender another part of their lending portfolio to banks and will save them at least $12,000 per year (on $1.8m lending).  These savings total over $25,000 per year (and a more favourable security structure in place). 



We Saved our Client $11,000 per year

Stanley Finance negotiated with a client’s existing bank (long term relationship) to reduce their finance package costs by $11,000 per year ongoing without having to refinance or pay any additional bank fees.  The client paid a fee to Stanley Finance for this service.



Better Terms & Better Rates

Our client was wanting to refinance their existing loans for the purpose of expanding their business. After tendering their business to a selection of banks we were able to save our clients $6,000 per year ongoing. As an added bonus, the successful bank also had better loan terms (less aggressive P&I schedule) and a security structure with less guarantees required.



We Saved our Client $14,000 in Year 1

Our client was looking to purchase a commercial property and had a long-term relationship with their primary bank. After tendering their business to a selection of banks, Stanley Finance saved our clients $8,000 per year ongoing plus a further $6,000 in establishment costs with a different bank.






Pay off your loan 4.5 years earlier

A client asked us to review their existing home loan.  We could have saved them $2,500 per year by finding a better product with their existing bank, however were able to save them $3,700 per year by refinancing with another bank – so they decided to refinance.  The costs to refinance were approximately $700, which were more than covered by their new bank providing a rebate of $1500, on top of the annual interest savings.  That’s $4,500 in front in year 1 and $3,700 per year after that – that’s $12,000 in the first 3 years. Rather than ‘save’ the $3,700 per year, if these clients made $3,700 per year in additional repayments, they could pay off their loan 4.5 years earlier and save $100,000 in interest over the life of their loan.



We can get you a better deal with your existing bank

Some new clients contacted us to enquire about refinancing their home loan to save money (and seek our advice regarding loan options to pay their loan off as quickly as possible).  When we were able to negotiate with their existing bank an interest rate 1.16% below their current rate we advised them to stay.  We saved them $3,400 per year and provided advice on other options to reduce their loan faster.  By simply paying their interest savings off their loan as extra repayments they will pay off their home loan 4.7 years sooner and save them over $38,000 in interest. 



$21,000 over 3 years

Our clients bank manager had "sharpened their rates" 12 months prior to coming to talk to Stanley Finance. We refinanced both their home and investment property loans with a different bank (with bank fees of approx. $800) and saved our clients $21,000 over a 3 year period.



$11,000 over 3 years

When our clients were looking at purchasing another investment property, they came to Stanley Finance to see what we could do. By refinancing to a different bank (with bank fees of approx. $800) and restructuring the clients' loans to better suit their requirements, Stanley Finance saved them $11,000 over 3 years.



Saving our clients time and money

Our clients were seeking a loan increase. We arranged the increase (with their existing bank) and at the same time negotiated a rate reduction saving them over $2,000 year without having to pay any additional bank fees.




Car Loans 


It costs nothing to get a second opinion

Our clients came to us with the "great deal" offered by their car dealership. Stanley Finance shopped around for a better deal and were able to save our clients $100 per month for the next 3 years - that's the equivalent to free fuel for 3 years!


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