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Agricultural equipment financing

Funding for purchasing or leasing farm machinery, vehicles, and equipment necessary for efficient agricultural operations.

Crop financing

Seasonal loans to cover costs related to planting, cultivating, and harvesting crops, including seeds, fertilisers, and labour.

Livestock financing

Funds for purchasing livestock, feed, and other supplies needed for animal husbandry.

Land acquisition loans

Assisting in the purchase or expansion of farmland to support increased production or diversification.


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Strategic Finance Facilitating Agricultural Expansion with Significant Savings


A thriving farming enterprise envisioned expanding their operations by acquiring an additional rural property. With a loan requirement of $4.3 million, the challenge was twofold: first, structuring the finance in a way that accommodated the bank’s LVR requirements; and second, optimising the interest rate to ensure long-term profitability.


Understanding the unique requirements of the agricultural client, we designed a strategic approach. Given the client’s desire to use their SMSF to purchase a portion of the property, we devised a solution that allowed them to meet the bank’s LVR criteria. This innovative approach maximised the use of available resources while still complying with the bank’s regulations. In pursuit of the best financing terms, we engaged in proactive negotiations with various lenders. Our expertise in agricultural finance and our strong relationships within the banking sector played a pivotal role in securing a lower interest rate than initially offered, resulting in significant annual savings for our client.


Our meticulous planning and negotiation efforts culminated in the successful approval of the $4.3 million loan. What’s more, the approved interest rate was lower than the original proposal. This victory translated into an annual saving of $8,600 for our client, illustrating the tangible benefits of securing more favourable finance terms.


Our tailored approach not only navigated the complexity of SMSF involvement but also delivered substantial savings through favourable interest rates. By optimising finance and facilitating the acquisition of the rural property, we not only supported our client’s immediate growth but also paved the way for sustainable long-term success. This case reinforces the critical role of financial expertise in harnessing opportunities and translating them into prosperous outcomes within the agricultural sector.


Stanley Finance had the expertise I was looking for to get the job done with as stress free and hassle on me as possible. Even though I have a background in finance it was nice having someone I trusted to be able to get the job and worry for me. Made the whole process so much easier thank you.

Felicity Wheelwright
Roslyn Estate

We greatly appreciate Bertie’s attention to detail. He ensured we got the best deal, following up and keeping the lines of communication open between all parties. We are happy with our decision to do business with Stanley Finance.

Stephen & Vanessa Creed
Creed Cattle

Overall, Bertie is on the job immediately. Communication and Explanation is excellent. Bertie is very competent dealing with finance matters. It is a pleasure to deal with him.

David & Virginia

Very professional, excellent attention to detail and look mainly at the interests of their customers. Well done Team Stanley Finance!

Tinos & Lilian Mutyiri