Debt Advisory Services


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Debt consolidation

Combine multiple debts into a single loan with more favourable terms, making it easier to manage and potentially reduce the interest paid.

Debt restructuring

Collaborate with creditors to modify the terms of existing debts, such as extending the repayment period or adjusting interest rates, to make them more manageable.

Financial planning

Assess your financial situation, creating personalised debt management plans, and offer guidance on budgeting and money management.


Debt Advisory

Our approach to debt advisory is centred on empowering our clients with sound financial guidance and solutions to navigate the complexities of debt management. We understand that managing and restructuring debt can be a critical component in achieving your financial goals, whether it’s refinancing your existing mortgage, consolidating debts for a more manageable financial future, or simply understanding your options.

  • Consultation

  • Engagement

  • Tailored to your scope

  • Services – one-off and ongoing

  • Independent advice / your personal banker


Empowering Agribusiness Financial Management and Loan Restructuring


A well-established player in the agricultural sector sought to optimise their financial arrangements without switching banks. With a desire to maintain their existing banking relationship and a high level of trust in Stanley Finance, they sought a streamlined solution that accessed the broker’s expertise for specific advice without a comprehensive service package.


We understood the client’s preference for their current bank and designed an engagement model that focused solely on the areas that required optimisation—loan terms, interest rates, and overall financial strategy. This approach allowed the client to benefit from our expertise without undergoing a full-service package. Leveraging our insights into agricultural finance, we formulated a targeted strategy to renegotiate the loan terms and interest rates with their existing bank. This strategy aimed to not only enhance the client’s financial situation but also to preserve their valued banking relationship.


Through skillful negotiations, we achieved significant success. The terms of the loans were restructured to better align with the client’s business cycle, and the interest rates were lowered to reflect the current market conditions. This resulted in substantial savings, all while maintaining their preferred banking partner.


By designing a client-centric approach that allowed them to tap into our expertise without changing their preferred banking relationship, we not only achieved improved financial terms but also fortified the client’s trust in our services. This case reaffirms the value of adaptable advisory solutions that accommodate individual client goals and preferences, demonstrating that financial expertise can be a collaborative tool for driving success in agribusiness.


Bertie went above and beyond to get our loan approved to purchase our property. Our purchase was a very complex and challenging one, due to other business ventures going on in the background. Bertie spent considerable time and put in 110% effort into getting the best outcome for us. We would and will use Bertie & Kim’s services again and have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Stanley Finance to anyone.

Greg & Leigh Murkins

I’ve found Stanley finance to be extremely accessible and approachable about all matters relating to their finance services. The information provided by Stanley finance has enabled me to make informed decisions. We have been very happy with their support and our outcomes.

Paul & Rebecca