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Bertie’s agricultural background and banking experience ensures you get the best possible lending terms tailored to your requirements. As a qualified and accredited Finance Broker & Credit Adviser you can be assured of quality advice and excellent service.

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Navigating Complex Construction Finance for a Major Redevelopment Project


Financially astute Commercial Client required finance for a major construction / redevelopment. The project demanded $8.7m in funding, which presented a multifaceted challenge due to its complexity and scale. Lenders were apprehensive due to the intricacies of the construction, and securing financing became a critical hurdle.


Recognising the intricacies of the project, we meticulously analysed the project’s scope, potential risks, and future value to craft a comprehensive financial proposal. We structured a robust plan that showcased the project’s viability and growth potential. Our tailored approach emphasised mitigating risks and optimising returns, which was pivotal in positioning the deal favourably to potential lenders.


Through strategic negotiations and meticulous presentation, we secured approval for the $8.7m required for the redevelopment project. Our commitment didn’t stop at funding; we continued to support our client throughout the construction phase and beyond.


This redevelopment case exemplifies the pivotal role of expert financial guidance in turning ambitious visions into reality. At Stanley Finance, we don’t just secure finance; we offer a comprehensive partnership that spans from initial discussions to project completion, ensuring our clients’ success every step of the way.

Unlocking Savings through Strategic Financing in Commercial Real Estate


A visionary client had their sights set on acquiring two strategically located commercial properties. With a combined loan requirement of $3.5 million, securing favourable financing terms was paramount to ensure the success of this endeavour. The challenge lay in not only obtaining the necessary funds but also minimising the interest burden to maximise the long-term profitability of the investment.


Understanding the importance of the tender process, we meticulously prepared a comprehensive proposal that showcased the investment potential of the properties. Leveraging our extensive network of banking partners, we initiated a competitive tender process to ensure the best financing terms for our client. With multiple offers in hand, we embarked on rigorous negotiations with various banks. Our team’s expert negotiation skills and deep understanding of financial products allowed us to secure terms that not only aligned with our client’s financial goals but also delivered substantial savings. By meticulously comparing offers and leveraging our relationships with lenders, we were able to secure an interest rate that was significantly lower than the initial estimates.


Through our strategic approach, we secured finance that not only met their needs but also delivered impressive results. By securing an interest rate that was lower than anticipated, the client’s savings amounted to over $50,000 per year, resulting in a significantly reduced interest burden over the life of the loans.


By expertly navigating the tender process, engaging in negotiations, and tapping into our extensive network, we were able to save our client a substantial amount of money annually. This not only exemplifies our dedication to delivering value beyond expectations but also underscores the crucial role of financial expertise in turning real estate aspirations into lucrative realities.


Bertie and his team allowed us to completely refinance business, commercial & home loans and apply for new loans with very little pain on our part. There is no way we would have been able to achieve the end result on our own and we are incredibly grateful for the considerable effort that went on behind the scenes to make this happen. We will certainly never be approaching any banking matter on our own again! Thank you so much to the whole team at Stanley Finance, we are very happy customers.

Leonard & Julia

Bertie went above and beyond to get our loan approved to purchase our property. Our purchase was a very complex and challenging one, due to other business ventures going on in the background. Bertie spent considerable time and put in 110% effort into getting the best outcome for us. We would and will use Bertie & Kim’s services again and have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Stanley Finance to anyone.

Greg & Leigh Murkins